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What Will Become of My Belgian Bank Accounts When I Die?

Any financial institution has certain procedures to follow the death of an account holder. In Belgium, for example, a bank is obliged to observe strict legal requirements. When it is informed of a client passing away, all accounts in the name of the deceased and his/ her spouse are blocked. This means that the assets of the deceased and the deceased's spouse are no longer available. As soon as the bank has received all the necessary information regarding the death, it will contact the heirs or their representatives to find out how to settle funds. Most banks can only perform this function, of course, if they know who the beneficiaries are.


As Monnet Capital has over 30 years of experience in dealing with international orientated clients, we are aware of the challenges that ‘probate’ can create within a family. Monnet is committed to finding compliant solutions that help families create wealth generational plans. Whilst Napoleon may have been forced into exile after Waterloo the legacy of his forced heirship policies still reverberate to this day.

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