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About Us

Monnet Capital B.V. is an independent insurance brokerage. The firm was founded to provide specialised financial services to both corporate & private clientele. The principle of the firm is rooted in the ideals of integratory, independent analysis & value driven metrics.

With over 35 years of combined financial services experience, Monnet Capital is run by seasoned professionals. Our experience in dealing with the needs of international clientele has resulted in a true understanding of the challenges of working overseas, yet living locally.

Considering the advent of increased EU financial regulation, ongoing changes in taxation and CRS/FATCA protocols, we are very conscious of working with a select portfolio of providers. We believe there is excess in the market, yet not enough providers are adding true value. As such, our aim is to provide clear unbiased advice to our clients in the realm of Corporate, Family, Ethical & Wealth Management services.

Corporate Services

  • Employee Benefit Packages

    Employee benefits are a vital part of any corporate compensation package. We can help you draft & Implement tallored packages to suit your organization. Read more

  • Pension Transfers

    As European Financial Services Sector (Directive 2006/123/EC) experts, we can help clients with an array of QROPS, QNUPS, & EU Pension Transfers. Read more

  • Affinity Schemes

    Monnet Capital can help build an affinity scheme tailored to your trade body, non-profit association or membership organization. Contact us

Family Services

Estate Planning involves determining how an individuals assets will be preserved, managed & distributed after death. Monnet Capital can adapt & implement the following strategies:

  • Preservation & transition of family wealth
  • Provisions to be made for children or grandchildren
  • Tailored threat mitigation solutions
  • Solutions for the provision of long-term prosperity

Ethical Investment


Wealth Management

Our Wealth Planning Service enables our clients to structure their monetary affairs more effectively in order to achieve their financial goals.

Despite the relatively high levels of income tax in Belgium, when it comes to medium to long-term investments and wealth preservation, Belgium can be considered one of the most tax-friendly countries to hold and build a liquid investment portfolio. Whether our clients are investing for their retirement, for wealth generation in order to stay ahead of inflation levels or for wealth preservation, we can guide you through the array of specialised investment vehicles available both in Belgium and on a pan-European level.


Financial News

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