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Finished a Short-term EU Contract? What Happens to Your Pension?

Having finished her undergraduate degree in European Studies at Sorhban University, Sophie decided that the College of Bruges was the logical choice to continue her post degree education. Upon completion, she accepted a contract position within the famed Commissioner’s Office inside Berlyamont.

With her contract running out four years later and keen to make a move to the private sector, Sophie was quickly recruited by well-known pharmaceutical company to join their Government Affairs team. Not having completed the required time to qualify for an EU pension final she was obligated to consider transfer out options.

Although, initially worried about the complications of integrating into the Belgian system she found help at Monnet Capital. Monnet Capital was able to guide her through the pension transfer process whilst ensuring her investments were managed in an ethical & socially responsible manner.

If, like Sophie, you have worked for the EU or any of its agencies as a Short-term, Temporary or Contract Agent, you may also have accrued EU Pension rights. As a brokerage specialising in advise to EU personnel, Monnet Capital BV can help you navigate the intricacies of EU staff regulations. Please take a moment and complete the contact form provided at the end of this page so that we may contact you to assess your EU pension rights. You are under no obligation & we do not charge for an initial conversation.

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