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What You Need to Know About ESG Investing

ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) as an investment concept is still relatively young. This is in part due to the fact that it has taken some time to refocus the mindset of traditional investors and ask them to consider not only financial return as an objective but also collateral impact on both the environment and society as a whole.

Today, investments into ESG have pushed past the $1 trillion level and, as with the green revolution itself, there seems to be no stopping this radical new approach to investing. However, before you jump on the bandwagon of green, everlasting growth it is worth taking a step back to consider to what level your investment is actually "ESG" and what you can realistically expect in terms of its performance.

Investors now find themselves in a place where corporate behaviours surrounding ESG investing must be scrutinised in order to avoid falling foul of a movement that has come to be known as "Greenwashing". This is the process of conveying a false impression of, or providing misleading information about, the green credentials of a company's processes and products.

According to Tariq Fancy, the former global chief investment officer for sustainable investing at BlackRock, ESG investing too often boils down to little more than "marketing hype" and "disingenuous promises". This bold statement highlights the fact that it is absolutely vital for investors, who have a genuine, active interest in ESG investing, to undertake a thorough and in-depth analysis of any company in which they intend to invest, to make sure that the company's entire operation is both environmentally and socially responsible.

As you can imagine undertaking this type of forensic analysis without the required tools is both difficult and time consuming. This is where Monnet Capital’s Ethical Department can help.

With 30 years of combined experience, we are able to identify "true" ESG products from a range of institutional investment portfolios & funds to best construct your ESG portfolio across different asset types, countries and currencies. In addition to being truly ethical, your ESG portfolio will be designed to provide optimum tax efficiency in compliant EU jurisdictions. And, once it is active, you will receive detailed statements at regular intervals to keep you fully informed of all activity and returns.

Start your ethical investment journey today by talking to a Monnet Capital specialist and look forward to enjoying ESG investing with confidence. As a brokerage specialising in advice to EU expats, Monnet Capital BV can help you navigate the intricacies of ethical investments and guide you along an investment path that is legitimately green and sustainable.

To learn more about about our professional ESG investment services, please take a moment and complete the contact form provided at the end of this page.

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